Scaramouche (2509 Solomani Rim A7C6503-9)

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Scaramouche (2509 Solomani Rim A7C6503-9): Planet in the Harlequin subsector of the Solomani Rim. One of the few worlds in the Solomani Rim where local longing for the "good old days" of Solomani rule remains strong enough to give rise to active unrest, Scaramouche is a comparatively backwater world of little importance.

The planet's harsh atmospheric conditions and a relative lack of value contributed significantly to the continuation of Solomani sympathies. Resistance to the presence of an Imperial governor and a brigade of marines at the starport/capital led, in 1098, to the outbreak of the so-called Unity Uprisings against the government. The uprising was largely suppressed by Acting Governor General Ringiil Urshukaan, though his methods were hars and later repudiated by higher authority (depsite Urshukaan's popularity on nearby worlds, which perceived his actions as decisive in preventing a recurrence of unrest in that portion of the sector).

The organization of the rebellion effectively collapsed after Urshukaan's capture of its major leader, Moradeyo Davis Atiyah.

After the short administration of Governor Baronet Rosa Demetriou, in which attempts at reconcilliation were begun, it was decided that the Imperial presence on Scaramouche would be greatly reduced. Government was formally turned over to the citizens of the planet in 1102, and the post of governor dissolved. The majority of the garrison was withdrawn at that time.

Since the Imperial withdrawal, government on Scaramouche has varied from unstable to nonexistent. Numerous splinter groups of the local Solomani party have caused the movement to collapse from internal bickering, while no other political force has emerged. Violence is common, and the world has been posted an amber zone by the Travellers' Aid Society. -ld MAS