Saezghen (0216 Gvurrdon B200A72-C)

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Saezghen (0216 Gvurrdon B200A72-C): The struggle over resources is unending on Saezghen. Armies constantly clash in the subterranean networks or on the barren surface to capture mines, manufacturing centers, and reservoirs. Occasionally, a faction manages to capture all the world, but it inevitably splits into smaller factions to start the cycle over. Before the Thirz Empire, Saezghen's history was bloodier still when its armies fought wars of extermination to control population growth. The world is now trying alternatives under the Empire's guidance. But no one has ruled out a return to the old ways if population growth is not checked. Most of the ground forces of the Thirz Empire originate from Saezghen. -w&o V&V