Remington (1911 Diaspora B658332-D)

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Remington (1911 Diaspora B658332-D): A noteworthy interstellar transport node, Remington is the favorite last port-of-call for most ships that are leaving the Alurzan Loop and venturing into Eberly Gap. The Ekuur (1911 Diaspora) system is astrographically the last stop on the Loop, but most captains do not opt for planetfall there. Typically they refuel at Ekuur's gas giants.

Remington enjoys a brisk trade with the influential world of Promise (2827 Diaspora), located some distance to trailing. Remington constructs almost all of the new starships acquired by that high-population world. These starships are delivered via large convoys that pass through the Thicket system (2424 Diaspora). Locals call this trade route the Thicket Run and a large number of employers and speculators are eager to find personnel and ships to serve this new mercantile artery. -AGD