Redemption (1722 Deneb X140634-1)

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Redemption (1722 Deneb X140634-1): Amber Zone. Redemption is one of only three Imperial worlds that enjoy Amber travel codes while lacking starport facilities of any kind. This rare status stems from the inhabitants' strange beliefs and evangelistic zeal.

Redemption's natives have forsaken the conveniences of modern technology to follow a "back-to-nature" lifestyle. While most sects with a similar ideology favor isolation, the people of Redemption are extremely open and friendly. They welcome interstellar trade, but only to bring possible converts to Redemption.

As independent merchants come to the planet, the natives try to persuade them to scrap their vessels and take up the spartan local existence. Indeed, this is the course the natives' forefathers followed, making crude dwellings from their gutted ships and pursuing their unusual faith. -den TD 19