Pacific (2933 Magyar B56878B-B)

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Pacific (2933 Magyar B56878B-B): Pacific is one of the very earthlike planets to which sentient Dolphins were transplanted as partners in colonization by the Terrans. The native life of Pacific was similar to Terra's; so few non-sentient lifeforms were imported. The world's climate supported humans and Dolphins with no modifications. However, large local predators have presented problems for both species. Much of the effort of the colonists has gone into taming land and sea in the inhabited areas. Other parts of the world have been left wild.

It is not unusual to find Dolphins serving in the subsector offices. When on land, the Dolphins use imported waldo-equipped suits.

Pacific is one of the few planets where Dolphins can be found so often on land, and where they hold key positions in government and commercial institutions. -mag TD 14