Oyoiy (3121 Riftspan Reaches B6985JA-A)

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Oyoiy (3121 Riftspan Reaches B6985JA-A): Oyoiy and its neighboring world, Ahoahea (3219 Riftspan Reaches A2406M4-A), are isolated from the other worlds in the Riftspan Reaches. Because of a quirk of astrography, the two systems see more traffic from Verge Sector.

Both worlds have sizable minority populations of humans, emigrants from the Imperial systems in Verge. These humans have been assimilated into the Aslan social structure; in fact, they are considered members of the Iyoihoilyar and Ukhaliha clans which govern the two systems.

The humans' presence has influenced the cultures of Oyoiy and Ahahea. The local Aslan are rarely visited by their distant kin from the Hierate, while Imperial traffic is regular but light. Over time, the Iyoihoilyar and Ukhaliha clansfolk have met the humans on a cultural middle ground of sorts, embracing customs neither fully Aslan nor fully human.

Separation of gender roles has slightly lessened in importance, and most Aslan males learn the basics of money management. Aslan conservatives tend to see this cultural mixing as dishonorable deviance from the norm. Nevertheless, the hybrid society of Oyoiy and Ahoahea is a sterling example of human-Aslan cooperation. Much can be learned from the things achieved here. -rr TD 19