Noricum (2918 Solomani Rim A38A7CC-F)

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Noricum (2918 Solomani Rim A38A7CC-F): Amber Zone. Noricum's native life evolved directly from sea to air forms by way of many varieties of flying fish and rays. Such an evolutionary pattern was aided by the world's low gravity and dense atmosphere. Both environments teem with life; Noricum harbors millions of aerial species.

Although little land appears above water on Noricum, there are literal forests of sea plants, counterweighted to stand upright, that extend several meters into the air out of the water. Where these plants have intertwined their roots, they may form large mats up to several kilometers across. In the protected waters among their stalks, another ecology flourishes, including the only crawling forms on Noricum.

Some 40 million people live here, mostly in grav cities. They are ruled by the Alkalif, a group whose members are selected in infancy and trained for their role until age 30. The populace is convinced that this produces the best possible leaders, possibly because charisma is one of the traits trained into the Alkalif.

The local culture places little value on privacy. Visitors should use discretion, since their words can be repeated to the highest officials if they criticize anything. -sr TD 13