(1801 Vland, 0201 Anarsi; C567669-8)

Newcastle has been under the control of numerous vargr corsairs for nearly two decades now.  Early in 1104, Vargr corsairs overwhelmed the relatively low-tech defenses and took over the planet completely.  This system learned the hard way that system defense boats are essential for border planets.

It is believed that Newcastle has served as the jump off point for many of the vargr corsair advances in the last two years.  Although clandestine surveys of the system have failed to turn up any conclusive evidence of a corsair base, computer analysis of traffic patterns repeatedly show Newcastle as the hub.  Officials are at a loss to explain the mystery.

Although it is believed the pirates may tire of actually administering a world and take off again, by that time many of its resources will have been stripped.  It is not known if the Imperial Navy intends to come to the aid of this client state.  Officials have refused comment.

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