Neopis (2020 Gateway A676789-A)

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Neopis (2020 Gateway A676789-A): A rich world with a class-A starport, located just off the main interstellar route from Gateway to the Megusard Corporate. Colonized from neighboring Bonnhelm by wealthy emigrants seeking to escape Bonnhelm's severe desert conditions, it was repeatedly raided by pirate forces early in its history. Those raids forced Neopis to develop a strong system defense force which today is the world's principal export. Neopan jump carriers are frequently hired by commercial lines as escorts, especially on the Gateway-Sardis run. The system boasts an excellent class-A ship building and repair facility. Neopis was the site of an important victory over pirate forces in 1106. Over fifty ships belonging to the notorious Fellowship of Kotar were lured to Neopis by faked reports of rebellion and civil war. The Kotar warships jumped in to loot what should have been a fat and easy prize... and were ambushed by Neopan cruisers and a Plavian expeditionary force led by then-Rear Admiral Quintana. Only ten pirate craft escaped, and the Kotar Fellowship was never again a serious threat. -gat MTJ 4