Neghu Oug (2804 Corridor C63A641-9)

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Neghu Oug (2804 Corridor C63A641-9): The population of Neghu Oug is an uneven mixture of Vargr and Ojehshodu, the world's indigenous minor race. The Ojehshodu are a race of large, aquatic mammals, unsuited for life on dry land - very little of which exists on ocean-swathed Neghu Oug. The technologically unsophisticated Ojehshodu readily submitted to foreign rule when the Vargr arrived; even today, their contributions to the planet's administration are practically invisible.

Interestingly, one Vargr sociologist, Dartsongze, suggested in 972 that the Ojehshodu ran the planetary government, manipulating the Vargr leaders as unsuspecting puppets. Within weeks, Dartsongze was murdered. To this day, it is uncertain whether he had uncovered an Ojehshodu plot or was killed at the request of insulted Vargr politicians. -cor TD 18