Narquel (0709 Diaspora A1109DG-F)

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Narquel (0709 Diaspora A1109DG-F): This planet's state religion is known as the Panamica Orthodoxy, a radical offshoot of the Panamica creed. In its original form, the Panamica creed interwove the gentler tenets of Judeo-Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, and various animistic traditions of old Terra. The new Panamica Orthodoxy is essentially militant pacifism: all sophonts must submit to the infinite wisdom and goodness of the Unknowable One and its secular ministers.

Narquel's last Theocrat was deposed by his Council of Ministers, who now rule as the Theocratic Administrate. Their desire to convert the universe is being conducted with a particularly aggressive flair, and some observers wonder if the ministers of the Administrate are simply using the creed of the Orthodoxy as a shield for their own political adventurism. -AGD