Minde's Star (1220 Deneb D235452-B)

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Minde's Star (1220 Deneb D235452-B): The outpost at Minde's Star was originally established in 269 by IISS astronomers. Located on the system's outermost world - a cold, bleak rockball - the outpost and its inhabitants have grown. Today, station personnel number over 30,000.

The system's main item of interest - and its namesake - is the primary, a red flare star. Astronomer Jefersen Minde first observed the star's fluctuations in brightness, and the Scouts renamed the system for him when the observatory was built. Today, the outpost at Minde's Star stands foremost among observatories studying this type of flare star.

Minde located a truly unusual astronomical object. The star which bears his name varies dramatically in brilliance - in its greatest recorded fluctuation, its luminosity increased sixtyfold in a half-minute. Such fluctuations are sudden and non-cyclical. Nevertheless, the accuracy of the local astronomers' forecasts has increased, benefitting no doubt from the body of data recorded over the outpost's lifetime. -den TD 19