(1334 Vland; A464ABE-G)

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Lukham: After replacing Khir Lowe against popular sentiment in 1110, Ursheam Khushii, a military dictator, imposed extremely rigorous laws on Lukham. The aim of the takeover was to control the high-tech gravitics industry of the world, which specializes in ultraminiaturization. Force has proved no substitute for willing brains, however. Lukham's products have become shoddy and their share of the market fell off sharply throughout the decade.

Today's current leader Khuushmin, the son of Khushii, maintains a high lifestyle by taking a greater cut of the dwindling profits. Rumors indicate the public would favor his overthrow if it could be safely accomplished, but this would be difficult from inside because of the local oppressive restrictions on weapons.

Complicating this situation is Khir Lowe's son, who lives with a handful of followers in political exile in the rings of one of the system's gas giants. Khuushmin cannot do away with him, because of the popularity Lowe still holds on Lukham. But Lowe in his present habitation is powerless to act against Khuushmin, whose troops regularly patrol the gas giant. Khir Lowe was known for his generosity; if his son shares these attributes, it is likely that his influence on Lukham would be substantial.

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