Larspri (0408 Old Expanses X1B1000-0)

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Larspri (0408 Old Expanses X1B1000-0): Tiny, dense Larspri holds an atmosphere of hydrogen and carbon compounds only because it is fairly far from its primary. These react with the metals on the surface to produce corrosive and poisonous compounds. Its tiny hydrosphere is composed of frozen carbon dioxide at the poles.

This lump of matter would be good for nothing if it were rock, but it is almost pure metal. Scientists have speculated that it may be a chunk of a planetary core left after the planet was smashed by comets, or even a chunk of a burned-out dwarf star. Larspri is a rich source of metals from copper through the transuranics.

Due to the impossible conditions no one lives here, but 12 major companies have mining claims here which are worked by specially designed robots, impervious to corrosion. -oe TD 12