Kubishush (0917 Deneb B8B69AA-D)

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Kubishush (0917 Deneb B8B69AA-D): Kubishush averages -40C and has a nitrogen atmosphere at 6.1 atm. pressure, with ammonia oceans and ammonia vapor in the air. The inhabitants are a hermaphroditic septapodal minor race, the Gl'lu, whose metabolism is based on oxidation of the ammonia in the air. Their latest leader, S'lmar Vovon, a dynamic Ssnanes (young one), brilliantly led the rescue and reorganization efforts in the most recent of the planet's geological upheavals. Rebuilding has progressed so rapidly under his (or her) guidance and the expertise of the planet's engineers that few visitors today can see the scars of the latest turmoil. -den TD 19