Khankari (0205 Vland B885311-D)

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Khankari (0205 Vland B885311-D): Khankari's dense atmosphere carries enormous kinetic energy, making a windy day quite an event. Khankari's dense atmosphere likewise serves to distribute heat across the globe from the tropics to the poles.

Khankari's sharp axial tilt and short year (in the inner orbit around a cool M2 V star) contribute to abrupt seasonal changes and generate some of the sector's most dramatic weather.

Hurricanes wiped out the First Imperium colony planted here and has decimated the population repeatedly thereafter. The world's inhabitants completely died out during the Long Night.

Early in the Third Imperium, a new colony was established on Khankari. The small group now living on Khankari today use well-reinforced homes, and many avoid the entire weather problem by living underground. -vla V&V