Kanorb (2733 Corridor C473976-C)

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Kanorb (2733 Corridor C473976-C): Kanorb has a long history of settlement and fractious politics. Kanorb was a stronghold of Vilani noble houses in the First Imperium; it withdrew from Interstellar commerce early in the Rule of Man period. When the Solomani attempted to reintegrate Kanorb by force, the population put up fierce resistance. The Solomani Navy was so overtaxed by the vastness of the Second Imperium that they were never able to muster enough force to fight a conclusive battle with Kanorb. After the Rule of Man fell, several of the Vilani Lord began quarelling with each other, no longer having a common cause to unite them. The world disintegrated into dozens of squabbling nations during the Long Night.

The Third Imperium first re-established trade relations with the nation Eshlepur, on the northern continent. Now, most of the major power carry on interstellar trade, acting independently under sometimes contradictory agreements. Smaller nations group themselves into spheres of infuence around superpowers possesing starports. Language have diverged sharply from the original Vilani; some fifty dialects are now spoken on the planet. -cor EA