Iyakhoryeh (2419 Riftspan Reaches B6396H5-D)

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Iyakhoryeh (2419 Riftspan Reaches B6396H5-D): In 3619 Aslan (1089 Imperial), the local Ahlaowyarl clan forcibly seized Eyeliys, a small moon of the system's outermost gas giant. Until that time, Eyeliys had belonged to the Eirakhtya, another local clan. The dispute quickly escalated into a full-scale khireahirlyo - a war of assassins.

The war lasted until 3623 Aslan (1092 Imperial), when an Eirakhtya assassin killed the commander of the Ahlaowyarl forces. Under the rules of the conflict, the Ahlaowyarl were forced to submit; Eyeliys was returned to the Eirakhtya.

Mystery still surrounds the original reason for the conflict. Eyeliys seems a worthless ball of ice. What interested the Ahlaowyari in taking the moon remains buried in the clan's most secret archives. Interestingly, Eirakhtya development of Eyeliys picked up after that clan regained control of the moon. -rr TD 19