(2021 Solomani Rim, 0401 Sol; E200478-7)

This world used to have a thin atmosphere and a few oceans, before the Terran corporation GenAssist attempted improvements.

Several centuries ago, the corporation attempted to "encourage" a native lifeform which fixed nitrogen into the soil for use by the local plants.  The lifeform was not widespread or prolific, and corporate personnel were hoping to encourage it in order to expand the local agricultural regions.  GenAssist genetically altered the bacteria for prolificity.  The alterations worked, and in a few short years, the entire soil surface was fixing nitrogen at a prodigious rate - an alarming rate.  GenAssist tried desperately to create an "antidote" lifeform, but to no avail.  In a bizzare twist of events, one of the "antidote" attempts mutated into a strain capable of storing oxygen in the soil.  Within a century, the entire atmosphere of Ishimshulgi was locked in the world's crust.

The Ishimshulgians are understandably embittered at being driven into sealed habitats on what used to be a habitable planet.  Many left the world when the debacle became obvious; the remainder filed a claim against GenAssist that took the corporation years to pay off.  The payments for damages have been used to "bubble-terraform" several locations on the planet's surface.

-TD13 sr