Isee (0833 Diaspora C334840-D)

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Isee (0833 Diaspora C334840-D): Soloman/Cumberan tensions have escalated into war on this balkanized world. Although Isee's major powers have remained outside the primary conflicts, their allegiances are revealed by their choice of allies and dependent states. Various mercenary units are on-planet now, spearheading offensives in small, second-rate nations that are ideological surrogates of the larger governments.

Most dreaded of these units are Torchevskeyev's Tacklers, a crack Solomani mercenary battalion with a 431 year history of victory and viciousness. The Tacklers are employed by a small but wellfinanced country. A threatened neighbor has put out a desperate call for mercenaries and other troubleshooters who can to deter this menace. So far, only one Cumberan grav armor troop has responded. -AGD