Iouo (0624 Magyar A79A968-E)

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Iouo (0624 Magyar A79A968-E): louo was formerly the capital of its subsector. An escalating war of economics and ideologies between it and Havaiikii (0523 Magyar B69A668-E) seemed likely to ruin both worlds. In 1069, sector authorities stepped in, moving the subsector government four parsecs away to Gobi, and placing both worlds under military rule. A trade commission was appointed to mediate the economic disputes, but they found that the root of the war seemed instead to be in conflicting political philosophies.

The subsector govemment workers are not terribly pleased with their new location on a near-desert planet, after the gorgeous waterworld they had known. But the younger employees are being recruited from Gobi hself, and many say the older workers are just "too soft." -mag TD 14