Ighoth (1904 Corridor A333000-C)

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Ighoth (1904 Corridor A333000-C): Red Zone. Until 1117, the population of Ighoth numbered in the tens of thousands. In that year, however, a mysterious sublight vessel entered the system at high speed, apparently on automatic pilot. Vargr system defense forces boarded the giant derelict, found no cause for alarm, and brought it back to Ighoth.

Within a week, contact with Ighoth ceased. Ships jumping into the system encountered orbiting quarantine buoys prohibhing landing. Radio communications went unanswered. EMS scans of the world's surface revealed little or no activity. The logical assumption was that the derelict had carried some sort of virus which had evaded local decontamination procedures and wiped out the planet's inhabitants.

Shortly thereafter, Imperial authorities declared the Ighoth system off limits for fear of spreading whatever virulent epidemic wiped out the local Vargr. -cor TD 18