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The people of Hunberri are famous for their honesty and their stubbornness.  It is an unbearable disgrace for a Hunberrin to be found a liar or a cheat, and total ostracism is the least punishment society will deal out to offenders.  However, the desire to fight and the desire to be right seem to have gotten mixed.

A Hunberrin will not admit to being wrong when he has expressed an opinion, nor will he say he cannot do a job that he has consented to take on, regardless of circumstances.  This has made business collaborations with offworlders trying at times.

The drive behind native behavior seems to be more to avoid ridicule than to act for one's own pleasure.  Curiosity and inventiveness are below average and technological progress has been slow and largely imitative of outside work.  This does not imply poor technical skill, for Hunberri has a 100% literacy rate and excellent technical schools.  Art is based on ideals of restraint and balance, as is philosophy and personal life.

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