Hluahyahe (0222 Ealiyasiyw X5261L8-A)

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Hluahyahe (0222 Ealiyasiyw X5261L8-A): Once declared a global hunting park, Hluahyahe was interdicted by the Yerlyaruiwo in 3622 (1091 Imperial). Until that year, nearby port authorities recorded an unusual number of disappearances in the system. The disappearance ot a ship bearing an Eisohiyw diplomatic party in 3620 sparked a full-scale investigation. The Hluahyahe system was subsequently interdicted, and a Yerlyaruiwo military research team was dispatched to find the cause of the disappearances.

Five research teams have disappeared in recent years, and the Yerlyaruiwo have announced no progress. Many theories are offered by civilian scientists, but without positive data from the Yerlyaruiwo team, none can be proven. -eal TD 18