Hiilev (1635 Core C62757B-A)

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Hiilev (1635 Core C62757B-A): Hiilev was colonized in two vastly seperated periods. Early in the First Imperium, colonists settled in the lowest valleys they could find. Over several thousand years of living on Hiilev, they adapted to the planet in some unique ways, including strict breeding laws. Today the descendants of these early colonists are barrel-chested and leather-skinned, with large ears and small, dark eyes. Their blood carries an extaordinary amount of hemoglobin and their skin is rich in melanin. Calling themselves Hiidamo, they have virtually forgotten that they were ever strangers to the planet.

After the First Survey in 420, newcomers were attracted to Hiilev by the biological wealth in its oceans. But these settlers were standard humans, using technical equipment to survive in the very thin atmosphere. Many new colonists felt the Hiidamo were odd freaks. Their attitude was subtle at first, but ultimately degraded into outright racial war.

It took many deaths to see that the races just could not settle their differences, and could not live together. The Hiidamo claimed one major continent, leaving the newcomers the other continent. The two races have little contact; they do not trade or otherwise deal with each other. Even this has not entirely stopped the killing, but it has been reduced to one-at-a-time murders rather than running battles. -core TD 10