Heraklion (3221 Solomani Rim D343312-E)

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Heraklion (3221 Solomani Rim D343312-E): Planet in the Arcturus Subsector of the Solomani Rim. A poor, non-industrial planet, the world is given over to ressource exploitation. Heklion is currently owned and operated by Lamarck Minerals, LIC.

The planet is largely unremarkable, though the culture which has developed is of some interest to sociologists. A rough, poorly policed society, the planet has fostered the development of a strong streak of self-reliance. Most of the inhabitants are accustomed to bearing arms from an early age; this is less noticable in the men (who instead tend to be trained in various types of unsophisticated hand-to-hand combat) than in the women. Most women on Heraklion carry daggers of a distinctive and highly useful design. A woman of Heraklion caught without her dagger in public (or deprived of it against her will) is subjected to considerable shame and humiliation. -ld MAS