(1738 Solomani Rim, 0108 Gemini; A26A9AA-E)

Subsector Capital.  Hamilcar was settled early in the Rule of Man by a cultural group from Terran Polynesia.  Terran dolphins were also transplanted here before they were made sentient.

Now that sentient dolphins also exist, populations of both types are found on Hamilcar, coexisting with relative ease.  Two million of the world's two billion inhabitants are sentient dolphins.  Most of the humans live in ship-cities and consequently share some of the dolphin attitude toward ownership of property.

In an astonishing political coup, the dolphins have put one of their own into power on Hamilcar.  The dolphin, Keekiiteep, is widely acclaimed as a wise ruler, even on other worlds of the subsector.  Of course, politics is not a typical dolphin interest, but getting sophonts to cooperate and live harmoniously is a worthy goal, even to a dolphin.  The heritage of the easy-going Polynesian culture makes the human population more receptive to Keekiiteep's guidance.

The high law level reflects primarily the taboo on violence; personal freedom is very little restricted.

-TD13 sr