(1623 Deneb, 0803 Vincennes; A401654-F)

HRD is the sector's largest exporter of information. Although HRD was originally settled as a research center for the Imperial Navy, pressure from other elements of the sector government gradually pushed HRD toward independence.  However, the Navy maintains a highly visible presence insystem, and its technical training center is greatly renowned.

HRD is still Deneb's primary think tank, with experts in every field applying their skills to the domain's problems.  The world's economy is almost exclusively sustained by the various research projects being conducted there.  While the exported data is mainly confidential, mostly slated toward the defense industry, several local organizations research civil subjects as well.

The world's political structure revolves around several corporate centers, all vying for contracts and engaging in industrial espionage.  Overall government is supplied by a council of corporate representatives, but individual companies provide most of the infrastructure and basic services.

Since much of HRD's work is classified, rumors abound as to what projects are actually being conducted onworld.  Media sources occasionally try to infiltrate HRD's web of corporate intrigue, but they seldom manage to report anything conclusive.

Recent rumors concern hidden installations and unreasonably heavy Naval patrols.  Other journalists have noted the large number of transient Droyne that regularly pass through the system.  Accounts of small bodies insystem having been moved by no identifiable means continue to circulate.

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