(2807 Ealiyasiyw, 0407 Ihearu; D110AEC-3)

The 91 billion inhabitants of Fterlyuhlye follow a lifestyle taught them by Solomani trader and self-styled prophet Shaddaf Thisilos three hundred years ago.  Thisilos came to Fterlyuhlye by misjump; he found an overcrowded world of Aslan packed together in one giant "city".  Duels were frequent and were fought to the death -- one method of keeping the population down.

Interpreting his accidental arrival as a commission from a higher power, Thisilos attempted to cure the people's "spiritual agony."  Attracting a small group of radical followers, Thisilos and company staged an attack on the planet's primary life support center.  As his disciples threatened billions with sure death, Thisilos cried out for change.

His plan called for a 500-year period of social adjustment.  Technology would only lengthen the time needed, Thisilos claimed, so self-repair machinery was incorporated into all vital systems.  Soon after, the people declared their independence and returned to the pre-industrial lifestyle of their ancestors.  The once extensive starport facilities fell into disuse; interstellar contact dwindled to near nonexistence.  By this time, all necessary technological systems were automated and capable of taking care of themselves, and the populace was free to fix its own ills.  Thisilos remained on Fterlyuhlye until his death in 3326 (832 Imperial).

Remarkably, his plan seems to have had a positive effect.  After three centuries, the inhabitants of Fterlyuhlye appear more at ease, better adjusted to living in such cramped conditions.  Hierate sociologists theorize that the slower pace of non-technobgical life has reduced stress among the populace.  Whatever the cause, the changes wrought on Fterlyuhlye are unique in Aslan history.

-TD18 eal