Far Portal

(0130 Gateway, 0110 Ownsbee; A238346-A)

Also known as Gateway Portal, this prosperous system is important because it offers the only jump-1 and -2 route into the Gateway sector from neighboring Ley sector.  Most visitors to the Gateway sector pass through Far Portal.  Though the system does not belong to the Galian Federation, strong ties between this world and the Federation have existed since the days of the great interstellar corporations.

The Galian worlds have greatly benefited through trade and taxation by occupying the only regular trade routes between the Gateway and Ley sectors.  Far Portal, like Gateway Prime, is an artificial construct, a space colony in orbit around a small, cold, ice-locked rocky body which is the only satellite of Toman, a swollen, Type III red giant.  Several hundred people occupy research stations on the surface of the planet; the rest of the population -- some 8000 -- live and work in the orbital colony and in the attendant spaceport and space industrial facilities.

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