Ekal (2040 Core A240745-A)

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Ekal (2040 Core A240745-A): Ekal is a nice place to live if your doctor has recommended a dry climate. Its cities are founded where wells can be drilled successfully, but there are oases in the desert for those who choose to stay away from other people. Strict water conservation and recycling are the most sternly enforced laws.

Other than that, Ekal is rather free-wheeling. Many people carry weapons openly but rarely need them except to defend against desert animals. Violent crime is low. The culture is strictly, even militantly, egalitarian. Anyone is considered as good as anyone else, even if he isn't. This rather unrealistic approach to ability may have something to do with Ekal being lower in technology than its neighbors.

Even high government officials can be approached by any voter who wants to speak to them. When Imperial nobles visit here they do not fare too well if they stand on their dignity. Nobility is a null word to Ekalans, so a few dukes and barons have come away very offended. On the other hand, it's a great place to vacation incognito.

Ekal's years are short (180 standard days); elections are held every year. Government policy is thus a bit chaotic, but if it's bad now, it will change. Young people can vote when they reach puberty; no other voter qualifications need be met except world residency. There have been no cases of political violence since this system came into use. Why use a gun when it's so easy to "throw the bums out" legally?

There is little in the way of material trade from a world this poor in resources, but some off-world capital comes from safaris, which have become a popular high-class pastime in the subsector. Chief target of these safaris is the dunvic or "sandlion", a 100 kilogram predator that is nearly invisible against the sand if viewed from more than 50 meters. Just finding one to shoot is much of the challenge, and by then the hunters are often within range of the animal's charge. -core TD 10