Diana (2133 Magyar X531474-4)

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Diana (2133 Magyar X531474-4): No institution of marriage exists on Diana. Women choose their mates only with an eye to healthy offspring, and see them only to breed. The children are raised by their mothers in large "clan" cities (a clan is loosely related by these maternal lines) and the men live in the fields, forests, and villages outside the cities. At puberty, a male child joins the men.

Most agriculture is a male province, while most industry not directly related to the products of the land is the female domain. Each group trades for the products of the other. Each also has its own culture, art, architecture, literature, and music, very different from the other's.

Residents of Diana undoubtedly came from Terra, but their legends deny it, and they have few dealings with other humans of the Solomani Sphere. -mag TD 14