Coventry (3207 Reavers' Deep E686720-5)

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Coventry (3207 Reavers' Deep E686720-5): During a three-century period of the Long Night (circa -1620 to -1320), Coventry was a prison planet, and the site of numerous cruel and lethal biological experiments involving unwilling human and non-human subjects.

Even though nearly two and a half millenia have passed and Coventry is no longer a prison, the fearsome threat of "transport to Coventry" is still used effectively by unscrupulous law enforcement officials in certain Solomani subsectors. So infamous was this planet that one of the conditions of the Peace of Ftahalr was that the Imperium would never upgrade the Coventry starport facility above Class E.

Coventry is now the home for more than 50 million peaceful, hard-working inhabitants (many of them descendants of prisoners). Coventry also exports agroproducts to Imperial worlds of nearby Daibei Sector. Cargo shuttles land at selected marked locations around the globe on Coventry, pick up unmarked pallets (they can be identified only as "from Reavers' Deep"), then depart as quietly as they came.

The government of Coventry is a participating democracy with little formally structured legal code. All legal matters are handled at the local level. -rd TD 16