Chaosheo (0130 Deneb E87A788-1)

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Chaosheo (0130 Deneb E87A788-1): Amber Zone. Current IISS doctrine discourages interstellar contact between the Imperium and sophonts below tech level 5. In fact, Imperial law forbids unlicensed trade with such primitive populations. However, exceptions to these rules occur, one being the case of Chaosheo.

The natives, the Shi'awei, are a race of bulky aquatic sentients who live near geothermal vents in the sea floor. In appearance, they are bulky, bullet-shaped creatures with four evenly spaced arms. The heat given off by the vents supports their life cycle and affords an opportunity for rudimentary metalworking. Thus, the Shi'awei have been able to progress slowly to tech level 1 despite the rigors of their environment.

The IISS had long been aware of the Shi'awei, but the Scouts judged them unready for contact and interdicted the system. The interdiction was broken in 1073 when the Arean Transport starliner Ishgarlu misjumped and crashed in Chaosheo's oceans. IISS observers watched as the Shi'awei explored the wreck, encountering several live humans in the process. The Scouts were forced to step in.

Since 1073, a simple landing facility has been built for incoming starships; Chaosheo's travel code has been upgraded from Red to Amber. Trade with the Shi'awei is limited, but the Scouts have been busy learning more about the biology and sociology of Chaosheo's fascinating inhabitants. -den TD 19