Aoukeiwar (2306 Riftspan Reaches A0000G3-C)

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Aoukeiwar (2306 Riftspan Reaches A0000G3-C): Aoukeiwar is a system thoroughly isolated by the Great Rift. Its nearest interstellar neighbor is Iktaitlow (1801 Riftspan Reaches E5666M7-A), seven parsecs away. Deep space fuel caches or other roundabout means are necessary to make the crossing.

The system is so remote that it remains unclaimed by any Aslan clan. Reiosahkirl, a sector-wide mining corporation, secured ownership of the system in 3297 Aslan (807 Imperial). The company's engineers hollowed out a small asteroid, which has since served as a base for the belt's few prospectors.

Reiosahkirl maintains a permanent staff insystem, but the majority of belters are transients, periodically shipped in by the company. The visitors are given free transportation to and from Aoukeiwar, but Reiosahkirl receives a substantial portion of their profits. -rr TD 19