Aosta (0332 Deneb A669236-C)

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Aosta (0332 Deneb A669236-C): Empress Nicholle declared Aosta an Imperial Reserve world in late 474, as one of her Iast official acts. Aosta is nearly a water world; a global ocean spans nine-tenths of the world's surface, punctuated only by scattered archipelagoes. Within these seas, Aosta sports an incredibly diverse abundance of life.

As this is the only reserve world to concentrate on the sea, marine biologists and oceanographers travel to Aosta from far across the Imperium. These visitors are housed in self-supporting space habitats; no permanent structures are allowed on the planet itself. The local College of Marine Studies fully occupies one of these habitats, providing a center for research and education.

At any one time, multiple research parties are actively engaged in undersea operations. Advanced submersible craft ply the world's oceans, sometimes even diving to the depths of the oceanic trenches. Researchers take special care not to disturb the local wildlife, however. -den TD 19