Anther (2021 Core A300697-E)

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Anther (2021 Core A300697-E): Anther's government is another inefficient bureaucracy, but the world's landscape is an attractive one. Tall towers shoot up from the ground, and then at heights anywhere from 30 to 100 meters up they spread out like mushrooms, drooping down toward the ground. Over time, the structures eventually do reach the ground, forming an enclosed dome under which terraforming can be performed.

On some towers, several domes spread out from different levels, creating concentric circles on the ground. Different areas of a complex can thus be used for different purposes, with farming in one, manufacturing in another, and recreation in a third. Since livable ground under the domes are precious, many inhabitants still live under the towers themselves, or in the attached "ceilings" of the domes. -core TD 10