(2008 Core, 0408 Ameros; B110542-G)

About 50 years ago, the famous financial/banking megacorporation Hortalez et Cie, LIC underwrote one of the most ambitious terraforming projects to date in the Imperium on the world of Ameros.

The goal of the pilot project is to completely transform the surface of Ameros from a barren airless rock into a world with a thin atmosphere and a 10% hydrosphere in less than 100 years.  If successful, the project will pave the way for comfortable colonization of otherwise inhospitable moons and planets.

The progress on Ameros so far has been disappointing: its atmosphere is only up to a trace level from its original vacuum state and its hydrosphere has been increased to a mere 2%, all of which is currently in the form of ice.  Hortalez et Cie has expressed some concern over the discouraging progress; the research team on the world has assured the banking firm that the project is actually closer to being on track than it appears.  They contend the last 25% of a terraforming period is when the most dramatic results appear.

-TD8 core