Akeen (2708 Gateway B66A232-B)

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Akeen (2708 Gateway B66A232-B): Capital of the Akeena Union, and homeworld of the minor non-human race known as the Akeed. A water world, Akeen possesses several large islands and numerous island chains, the home environment of the enigmatic alien culture. The Akeed themselves feed on minerals drawn directly from soil and water, and appear to be as happy living under the water as on the land. Though human contact with the Akeed occurs only on land or in space, it is believed that the race has an extensive marine culture. The extent of this culture, its tech level, and other accomplishments are unknown.

The population, government, law and tech level UWP codes refer to the human orbital colony called Sky, together with human enclaves on the planet's surface. The population of the Akeed is unknown, and their law and government systems are largely unintelligible to human observers. Their tech level, based on observations of their ship technology and electronics, is generally set at ten(A). They possess Jump-drive ships, but acquired them from humans early in the sector's history. -gat MTJ 4