Trin's Veil

("P" : Spinward Marches)

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Spinward Marches

The Trin's Veil subsector takes its name from the nighttime view on Trin (3235 Spinward Marches A894A96-F) -- a veil of highly reflective debris, the fragments of a shattered moon, which makes much of the evening and early morning on Trin a bright twilight.

The desert world of Thisbe (2539 Spinward Marches E4305AD-5) has undertaken a long-term project to divert large numbers of frozen water and gas asteroids from the Thisben belt to the planetary surface; the intention is an improved atmosphere and water availability.  The terraforming is being carried out by the megacorporation Sharurshid under a contract from the Imperial Ministry of Conservation.

Thisbe is also the home of the quadrennial Imperial Poetry Convocation.  The honor of holding this event is due to the fact that Thisbe is one of the few worlds whose name honors a poetic work, in this case a piece by the Terran poet Philip Larkin (-3796, -3733, IC).

The Imperial Way Station at Katarulu (3032 Spinward Marches B252665-B) is also the site of the Scout Service Xboat Pilot Training School for the Marches.

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