Sword Worlds Subsector

("J" : Spinward Marches)

The Sword Worlds subsector is a loose confederation of worlds all colonized in the same era.  Originally settled by Solomani exiles during the period -400 to -200, the Sword Worlds are named for legendary named swords (and other arms) from the varied history of Terra.  Names include Tizon and Colada from the spanish El Cid, and Excalibur from the King Arthur epics.

Settled at about the same time, the many worlds have progressed at about the same rate technologically, and the worlds are remarkably homogenous socially and culturally.  Nevertheless, the relationships between the many worlds have undergone many changes over the centuries.  Worlds join together into confederations; those interstellar governments provide a safety of numbers.  The precise nature of such confederations ranges from a simple trading community (with preference to its members) to a powerful empire.

In 852, the Sword Worlds Confederation was established with its capital at Joyeuse (1123 Spinward Marches B464778-A).  It participated in the Third Frontier War on the side of the Zhodani; after the war, a coup by an anti-Imperial faction transferred the capital to Gram.

All members of the Sword Worlds maintain independent local navies; they patrol their own systems for the protection of trade.  The Confederation Charter calls for the confederalization of these forces in times of need; local admirals are then chosen (based on their homeworld's financial, equipment, and troop contributions) to lead fleets on operations.

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