Mora Subsector

("L" : Spinward Marches)

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Spinward Marches
The Mora subsector is an industrial hub of the Spinward Marches.  With three industrialized worlds covering a span of technology from 8 through F, this subsector is capable of producing a wide variety of industrial goods and products suitable for most every taste.

The Imperial Research Station Alpha at Duale (2728 Spinward Marches A5437BF-B) has reportedly suffered extreme damage from an explosion of undetermined origin (possibly an industrial accident) in 1102.  A high degree of military security has been present in the system since that date, and continues since the station was refitted and refurbished in 1108.  The nature of the research being undertaken under the administration of the Imperial Navy is not known.

Nexine (3030 Spinward MarchesC97A443-8) is an underpopulated water world currently being used by the Ministry of Conservation for reseeding efforts using biologically altered humans. Candidates are provided with gill implants, synthetic skin insulation, and webbed extremities; they are transplanted to Nexine and participate in sea farming operations under the world's shallow seas.

There is some evidence that deep valleys on the surface of Pimane (2527 Spinward Marches E500343-4) contain both atmosphere and life, although the surface plains are star-baked vacuum.  Scientific research stations have been proposed but no project has yet been funded.

Maitz (2927 Spinward Marches A201511-B) has long been a small starport along the major routes; recent discoveries of radioactives in recoverable quantities have led to extensive development of the world's facilities.

The industrial world of Pallique (3019 Spinward Marches A511965-E) is well-known for its vacuum suits (tech level E) and its air recycling equipment. The system is extensively populated with asteroids, and the hazard from meteorite showers has led to almost total underground construction.

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