The anti-Zhodani slant of the library data does not bear objective consideration.  In fact, in quite a few respects, Zhodani society is somewhat superior to that of other human cultures.

For example, one of the foremost values of the Zhodani society is the basic honesty that pervades everything there.  Trust is an implicit assumption.  Locks are extremely rare, and when locks are used, they are more likely to be safety devices to protect children than bars against theft.  Walls protect individuals and items from the elements rather than from intruders.  Laws deal more with appropriate action than with crimes.

Zhodani society also helps direct individuals to the most productive and satisfying pursuits available to them.  Psionically based techniques are available to help each person understand his or her needs and motivations, and place each individual where his or her ability and aptitude can contribute most to personal well-being, as well as to the community as a whole.

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