Society, The

MJW's Notes

The Society is obviously long established and very influential, if only in a manipulative sort of way.  Preparedness is very high, always alert for a Xzrchn attack or action.

Agents consist of Society members and human elements.  In all cases, operatives are highly trustworthy and capable of independent actions.  Since they've been working together so long, even independent actions tend to coordinate well with each other.  This is particularly true in the case of Members.


Jill has been working independently for so long she pretty much has her own agenda.  She has no contact at all with the Society, and would be considered a rogue element.  Her purposes are to find a black ship; but all is really subordinate to holding the Foreven Main.  The scope of her operations are whatever she needs.  She has no consideration for collateral damage to humans, individually or as a group.  People -- beings -- are mere tools.  For the last few decades, she has controlled Jack and used his IFSS-SB resources to influence local politics and gather information.  She is convinced the Roaches are Xzrchn influenced in the same way that humaniti is Society influenced.  She is particularly good at computer operations, especially malicious ones.

Corinne Elliot is a field operative.  She commands the conventional ship Baba Yaga, ostensibly a private yacht but with encrypted and secure information that indicates the ship is actually operating for the Vilis Secret Service.  Particularly persistent intrusions will reveal that but no more -- at that point a counterattack will be launched.  The deep cover is almost unbreakable.  Baba Yaga itself runs a black computer system that monitors and oversees the regular computers.  Corinne is an experienced and highly capable secret ops specialist, covering all methods of intelligence and counter-intelligence work, including computer operations using the black systems.

Jane Southcombe is an engineer.  Rarely in the field except for special operations such as the Saginaw crisis.  She could pretty much put together a black ship from first principles.  Her job on Digitis was two-fold -- to determine whether Mich knew anything about ZPE, and to sabotage his work, preferably fatally.

Mike is an elderly administrator.  He is the most expendable of the Members, as he's probably within several hundred years of death.  His manner is not pleasant, but he has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the Society, and is willing to do what is necessary to further its aims.

-cam MW