Jump Sickness

Generally the effects of jump sickness are canonical (need to add that here).  MMT seems rather low on specific rules, so this is a reasonable guideline.

Misjumps usually start normally, with no signs that the jump has gone awry.  Especially sensitive individuals may notice something earlier, though it is unusual.

Decide at what point the ship enters a misjump status.  This would usually be a day or two after the ship would have emerged from jumpspace. Physical and mental effects have the potential to begin then.

Once the misjump has started in earnest, the TN will tend to get lower each day.  Each day, roll 2d and apply rules in the following order.
  1. roll = 12: decrease the next day's TN by 2.
  2. roll = 2: increase the next day's TN by 1.
  3. roll = 9, 10, 11 : decrease the next day's TN by 1.
  4. roll = 3, 4 : do not change the TN.
  5. roll > TN : decrease the next day's TN by 1.
  6. roll <= TN : TN remains the same.
Starting on Day 1, each person on board the ship rolls 2d against the TN.  If they roll higher than the TN, they then roll 2d against their Endurance:
Once their END has decreased once -- even if it recovers later in jump -- they do not need to roll against the TN anymore as they are already suffering from jump sickness.  They continue to roll dailly against their Endurance.

The effects of these penalties is considered separately from any wounds or other effects:

No physical symptoms
Feeling a little sick.  Example: mild headaches, nausea, slight balance problems.  Can be made very comfortable with routine medication and can carry out normal duties.
Symptoms worse, medication does not completely control it.  Normal duties are impaired, and need to be reduced or will weaken further.
Light duties only if necessary, medical supervision recommended.
Incapable of any duties.  Should be confined to Sick Bay under the care of a qualified Medical Officer.


Apply further penalties to other physical stats, effects as per wounding rules.

Once the ship has exited jump, all those who were suffering from jump sickness continue to roll against their Endurance each day, but now after rolling add 1 to the result, so the general tendency is for the person to recover.

Mental effects: rules To Be Determined.  Just wing it based on the personalities of the crew and the conditions.

-cam MW