Imperial FarSpace Service Special Branch (IFSS-SB)

MJW's Notes

The information gathered by the regular IFSS is not just analyzed by them.  There is a special branch of the Service that is looking for specific things, not just "things of interest."

It was known by a select few when the IFSS was started that "the Ancients" was not the whole story.  There were too many inconsistencies and gaps for Grandfather and the Final War to be the whole truth.  The IFSS was founded to solve the puzzle.

The fact that there is a secret is itself a secret.  Hence the double bluff of the "open secret" IFSS -- within which are a small number of Special Branch agents who use those "hidden" resources for their own special mission.

The Special Branch is recruited in two ways.  Those regular IFSS personnel who are exceptional are recruited directly without being told the purpose of the Branch.  In fact, not until training and the first deployment (sometimes the first several) is successfully completed are the new recruits told anything of the real purpose of their work.

The other way in is to stumble on the issue, or come up with the idea independently.  Imperial Intelligence will pick up on these quickly (without suspecting the reason), and the suspects will be taken into custody and handed over.  The suspects are either assimilated or eliminated.

The IFSS-SB is not aware that INISO has been working on a similar area -- nor is INISO aware of what exactly it is that they have found.

-cam MW