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INISO: The Imperial Navy Intelligence Special Operations unit is almost always referenced by the acronym, and "INISO" is used as a proper noun without an article.

MJW's Notes

The black ship operation is under the control of a special branch of Imperial Navy Intelligence.  They operate all the caches and any remnants of black technology.  They have absolute carte blanche to do whatever it takes to secure knowledge of the black ships, and secrecy is more important than figuring out the technology.

Personnel and material resources are taken from regular INI, and thence the Imperial Navy itself.  Great care is taken to ensure that no-one outside the branch has any hint of what might be going on.

Technology from the ships -- or deduced from the ship -- is passed on obscurely to certain IFSS-run research stations.  Benshani Farol's operation is one such station.  The Anastasia incorporated projects from many stations, plus original black warheads.

The branch reports to no-one.  The lowliest of branch operatives outranks anyone below the Emperor himself, and may use deadly force of any type as necessary.  In extreme circumstances, the current Emperor may be acceptable collateral damage.

Caches are maintained with no records, and visited infrequently.  They are usually unmanned, and protected by an effective mix of outright force and devious sabotage and assassination.

INISO is not aware of the origin of the black ships, or of their possible place in history.  They also don't care.  Their whole purpose is to investigate and use the technology.  If the makers of the ships are still around, the INISO would be concerned of a possible threat -- but more concerned about getting on par with the tech level.

Unlike the IFSS-SB, INISO has seen signs of the black technology on the losing side of a battle.  That to them means the technology is not that good -- perhaps advanced Imperial TL17 can beat it.  Nevertheless they want the fuel-less power -- and want to be sure no-one else gets it.  The secret must be investigated -- but protected at all costs.

They're not in a hurry.  The secret has been secure for many centuries, and they are confident it can continue that way.

So investigation is slow and careful.  Small details are tried individually, accumulating what they hope will be a picture tha reveals the secrets -- eventually.

Santanocheev still runs INISO.  He's a hawk, and is willing to go to war if it helps their cause.  He'd kill the Emperor if needed without a single hesitation.

The secret has held.  The methods are excellent.  The IFSS -- all branches -- know nothing of the projects of INISO, or the actual existence of the black ships.

-cam MW