Riilam, Kirshamii

In 1090, partially in reaction to the communication lag during the Fourth Frontier War, Senior Scout Kirshamii Riilam mounted a daring one-ship expedition to test the feasability of a supply station route across the Great Reft.

Although nominally a Scout venture, substantial backing and a Seeker Class ship Reftbreaker were provided by General Products, LIC.  By removing all non-essentials, the cargo space was expanded to provide a second full fuel tank, allowing Reftbreaker to make the largest jump distance of 8 parsecs in two successive jump-4 jumps.  After refuelling at a gas giant in the Asharam/Vast Heavens system (Deneb 3031), the expedition returned to Corridor by the same route.

Upon their return they were knighted by Strephon, and Riilam received a baronial fiefdom on Jafla/Sinta (Corridor 1840).  Because of the success of this expedition, Strephon's popularity increased considerably.  Serious consideration is being given to the idea of planting several ice asteroids mid-rift as a permanent refuelling station.

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