Mollh, Winchestur (578-644)

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Mollh, Winchestur (578-644): Described by some as a hero and by others as a rapacious scoundrel, Winchestur Mollh was by all accounts one of the richest merchant princes in the history of Reavers' Deep. Specializing in the weapons trade, Mollh would also willingly transport desperate passengers who could pay his high prices, with no questions asked.

One of his more succesful schemes would follow this pattern: he would locate a raw material or manufactured product in jeopardy of being captured by a warring faction and offer to buy it for half its worth from its owner - arguing that a small price was better than having the goods confiscated. If the owner eventually gave in, Mollh would transport the goods to another market (usually also near one of the warring factions), make a huge profit, and then repeat the cycle. His buyers usually left him alone because they badly needed his goods and he could deliver as promised.

Mollh was not above stealing military supplies, removing all identifying marks, and reselling them to the highest bidder. In one famous scam, Mollh had several shipments of stolen laser rifles partially disassembled and the firing circuits removed; the rifles were sold to one side as semifunctional weapons, and the missing circuitry was sold to the other side as spares.

Mollh had a philanthropic side. He donated in excess of MCr115 to various charities during his lifetime, and left much of his huge estate to advance the study of psionics. Mollh died in deep space from natural causes. A small holographic memorial exists on his homeworld, Sterling (1415 Reavers' Deep). -rd TD 16