Earle, Kimson

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Earle, Kimson: Legendary human homesteader from Solomani space who settled in the Earle system (0307 Dark Nebula) circa 350 (-1776 Imperial), in the early days of Aslan star travel. According to the story, when the Aslan discovered the human Earle had settled on a world "in their space" they told him to "get out or else." Earle stood up to the Aslan, refusing to give up his land. In the end, he gained great respect from Aslan and they let him keep his homestead. Earle became an expert on the Aslan ways, and is remembered with honor among the Aslan. Most human citizens of Aslan space place Kimson Earle at the top of the list when remembering great and honorable human heroes of the past. -dn S&A